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Jul 4

Why iBeacons are just a data point not a solution

I’ve posted two videos I did for a presentation about user lifecycle and user journey. From my previous posts about iBeacon hype its clear that a lot of people are inspired and confused by the potential of iBeacons and I wanted a simple way to put it in context. The simple truth is that in

Mar 26

Strategies for different segments (Part 2)

Continued from Last Time….   Last time we introduced some common segments you are likely to find inside your App audience: Zombies, New installers, Type kickers, Grinders, Sharers, Whales and many others all represent common types of users at different stages of the user lifecycle. In this post, we suggest for strategies for different segments. Strategising for different segments If

Jan 31

iBeacon, Privacy and Consumer Perceptions

Its hard not to have heard about iBeacons and theres some confusion about their potential and weaknesses. In this post I’m covering how user’s perception of privacy is changing – just like many older generation initially resisted Facebook over privacy concerns and Zuckerberg’s relentless position that “sharing is good” Introduction to Low Energy Bluetooth Its

Dec 10

5 Lessons from a University App

Almost a year and a half since the Sydney Uni App launched with a flurry of marketing, curiosity and usage has steadily faded. The app is suffering from the same retention problem that is a consistent hurdle for all apps.

Nov 12

Make your App “habit forming”

I spent about 2 hours last night with a mobile-only startup. They have a bold idea, a working MVP and initial user engagement. The idea is simple and with massive potential but it has one (of many) challenges – their users need to change their habits. What this startup is asking their user to do

Aug 23

“Mobile: Evolution or Revolution” at SkunkMonk Meetup

Chy, Ric, Sophia and the folks at Offis are a great hosting company who turn on a range of interesting networking events that always are topic driven. One of their events, SkunkMonk: is agency creatives and technologist imbibing a few cold ones and talking trends. So I was on a scary-smart panel to discuss “Mobile: Evolution

Mar 8

67 pages of iTunes Privacy Policy…

Came across a new website today – It’s all about being in hyper-local business. It looks great, and has almost made up for my shocking morning on public transport (I know you share my pain Sydney-siders!). I had to brave the flood at my local station, lose my good shoes (left them on the

Dec 6

3 UK Companies Top Retail m-sites

From a development point of view Sri and David my co-founders at StreetHawk have been working very hard (and successfully) to build a product that loads fast – a hard feat when your app is picture heavy and you are serving those pictures based on shoppers’ preferences, where they are physically located and retail inventory.

Jun 15

This Wheel’s On Fire

This wheel’s on fire Rolling down the road Best notify my next of kin This wheel shall explode ! Yes I am a H-U-G-E Bob Dylan fan. I am glad that’s now out there, as it says something about my character quickly (8 words in fact). I am currently ‘on holiday’ in Byron Bay where

Jun 9

Amplify Festival

Plenty of inspiring commentary, people and content going on at Amplify Festival. If you get a chance to listen to recordings of the mobile panel (Thursday morning), you will hear plenty of descriptions of personalisation leveraged from mobile devices. The ability to provide engagement in a “right-time” rather than “real-time” is exactly the right way